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At Peak Edge Capital LLC we provide various B2B services that are structured to foster growth in small businesses. We primarily focus on social media marketing and business optimization.

We have partnered with numerous small businesses driving customer engagement and sales to take them to the next level. We specialize in scaling your business to its full potential.

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Custom Fit Solution, Everytime

At Peak Edge Capital, we understand that every business is different. With that in mind, we will custom tailor your marketing plan to fit your business needs. Don't waste money on a package plan that doesn't fit your business. Hand select from the list of our offerings below.

Not sure what you need? No worries. We meet with you 1-on-1 prior to selecting one of our services. During our free consultation, we'll perform an in-depth business analysis to suggest key areas where we can help your business improve.


Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising has, and continues to be the most effective form of advertising available. Let us take the burden of creating and managing your social media ads off your hands. With our experience in delivering results in the SMMA industry, we know what to look for. We will monitor the effectiveness of each ad campaign daily so that your ads are delivering results.

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Media Design

Need help building content for your advertisements or page? We offer professional level edits of photos and videos that will catch the eye of potential customers.


Website Management

A strong website is essential in driving small business growth. Give the customer an easily accessible spot to learn more about your business and help drive sales through a well designed sales funnel. We will design and build a WIX website from scratch, to your custom fit.


Facebook Page

Having a facebook page is essential to connecting with the community. We set up complex sales funneling that will link your page to your website to drive results.


Email Marketing

Build a list of qualified leads and deliver your products/services directly to their inbox. Don't let these points of contact go to waste!


Real-time Ad Monitoring & Optimization

Its one thing to set up an advertising campaign via the web, but do you know how the ad should be performing? We specialize in optimizing ads to get you the results you deserve.

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