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Package Insurance

This page is strictly used for customers who had BIG HITS in our breaks and want to purchase additional insurance on their package. We send our "big hits" (anything over $500 in value) through priority mail. We cover the cost of the shipping and insurance up to the cost you paid for your spot, however, on hits bigger than amount paid for the spot, we recommend purchasing additional insurance.

USPS Postage Insurance Rates

The below is a direct print out from the USPS website. 

Insurance rates

  • Prices for insurance coverage changed as follows:

    • Value up to $50 is $1.65.

    • $50.01 to $100 is $2.05.

    • $100.01 to $200 is $2.45.

    • $200.01 to $300 is $4.60.

    • The price per additional $100 of insurance, valued over $300 up to $5,000, is $4.60 plus $0.90 per each $100 or fraction thereof


You paid $100 for a spot in a break and won $80 of card value. You would not need to pay additional insurance for this package as we cover insurance up to the spot price.

You paid $100 for a spot in a break and won $1,500 of card value. Like the prior example, we will cover $100 value of insurance, however, because the value received is much greater, we recommend purchasing additional insurance. In this case to cover the full $1,500 of the value you would need to pay $13.35.

Total Insurance cost      =   $15.40    (12*.90 = $10.80 + $4.60)

Insurance paid by PEC   =   $2.05

Your insurance cost       =  $13.35


Please reach out to us and pay for the additional insurance on your package within 12 hours of the completion of the break. We strive to ship timely, so if you would like to place additional insurance on your package, let us know ASAP.


To pay, scan the QR code below and send the payment to Peak Edge Capital LLC. Please include a description with your payment as follows:

Customer: XXX

Break: XXX

Total Insurance Coverage: XXX

If you cannot scan the QR code, send payments to

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